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 “Building Green for teenagers” is the second of the Healthy-n-Green™ Educational Series.   Each chapter will review a room in a home and show ways to build or renovate to make it “green”.   Green Building principles such as conservation, health and sustainability will be detailed and facts about why it is important to add these features into a home.  A teaching curriculum is available to schools.                        

Did You know that:            
- The average American household is two times larger than the typical European or Japanese home
  and 26 times larger than an African home.
- We create 4.5 pounds of trash daily?
- It takes 10 years before you will use the amount of energy it took to build the average home
- 40% of our drinking water supplied to our homes is flushed down the toilet?
- We waste about 8,000 gallons of water a year waiting for hot water just to arrive to our taps! And,
  we use twice as much water and energy per person than any other nation.

                                              Illustrations will show details room by room:
                                              - Healthy Furnishings and Products               - Energy and Water Efficiency
                                              - Environmental Building Products                 - Sustainability
                                              - Native Landscaping                                     - Daylighting
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