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 D E N I S E   R O B I N E T T E  is passionate about educating on the importance of having an indoor environment which is HEALTHY-n-GREEN ™. Her journey first began after caring for her asthma/allergic children and learning that good indoor air quality was critical to their overall health. In 1997 while designing and building her own home she implemented HEALTHY-n-GREEN design principles.  Simple choices in building design, products and maintenance benefited her entire family’s health, while having the least impact to the global environment. Since then, she has been creating healthy, green and beautiful interiors for her clients. Homeowners, developers, business owners and public facilities are some clients she has worked with in her Interior Design practice, HealthyLiving Interiors.

In 2002 she  co-founded a non-profit organization, HealthyLiving Foundation , which educates the community on indoor air quality.  She is also the Chair of Community Advocacy and Outreach for the South Florida Asthma Consortium , and works with local and national organizations to make policy changes to make our nations schools healthier. She believes you can make a space HEALTHY-n-GREEN™ without sacrificing design integrity, one choice at a time. She lives in Jupiter, Florida with her three children.

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