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 Healthy Indoor Air for Teenagers is the first of the Healthy-n-Green™ Educational Series. Each chapter will discuss a different source which contributes to our indoor air pollution. Real life stories will demonstrate how our daily choices and activities contribute to indoor air pollution.  Health studies will show the link of how our health is affected by poor indoor air quality. There will be activities and resources included for each issue for further research and study. A teaching curriculum is available to schools.

Did you know that:
- The typical American spends up to 90% of their time indoors
- There are more chemicals in your carpet than outside on your front lawn?  
- That “new house smell” may be making you sick?  
- Many chronic illnesses are being directly linked to the indoor air quality?  
- Some of your activities such as burning candles or painting inside is creating indoor air pollution?  

Chapter discussion:
                                              - Why care about our indoor air?                                         
                                              - Clean does not have a smell.
                                              - What are health symptoms?                                              
                                              - What is in our house dust?                                             
                                              - We share our air - laws protect our health                      
                                              - Oh…that new house smell
                                              - Your Skin is your largest organ                                           
                                              - We track outdoor products inside
                                              - You can’t always see mold                                                  
                                              - Your hobbies/activities affect your air
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